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In Preparing the Discipleship Training Classes

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Discipleship Training Director

Brian Malone & Gordon Fortenberry

Discipleship Ministries

Bro. Brian Malone

Student Ministries (Youth)

Discipleship is a vital part of growing personally and as a group. During our discipleship time on Sunday evenings we will focus on personal discipleship, evangelism, and service. It is my hope that during this time we will be able to reach up to God and make his name great in our church and in our community.

Youth Bible Drills

Jacob Morgan

Currently we are using the Blue Cycle in the 3 year cycle (red, green, and blue) for Bible Drills. We are learning the books of the Bible, Verses, and Key Passages through games and activities. 

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Children's Choir

Alicia Bass

The Children's choir is made up of ages 4 years of age all the way through 6th grade. We prepare for special events at the end of every month. We also put on a play during your Christmas season. 


Babara Saucier & Traci Malone

Preschool Nursery (2-3 Yr. Olds)

Barbara Saucier & Constance Bass

We are learning Bible stories using the Bible App for kids and a storybook bible. The lessons are accompanied by play and arts and crafts. 

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