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In Preparing the Sunday School Classes

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Sunday School Director

David Saucier

Associate Children's Director

Melanie Bryant

Willing Workers (Ladies 2)

Frances Frotenberry

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Men's 1

Gordon Fortenberry (Associate: Danny Barnes)

Men dedicated to the God that provided them salvation in Jesus Christ, and has guided them while living in a fallen world. Not Perfect, Just Forgiven. 

Adult 2 (SOS)

Sonny & Melinda King

Youth Boys & Girls

Eric Thornhill

The Gospel project is Christ centered and each bible study points to Jesus. Along the way through the storyline of the scriptures they will discover the big picture of what God has been doing throughout redemptive history and what it means for them.

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Associate Sunday School Director

Nursery Director

Golden Years

Mary Lowery (Associate: Charlotte Broom)

At this age, we see things much clearer now. We are not too old to leave new things also, we strive to be examples to the younger generations. We also love singing verses of hymns every Sunday. 

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Adult 1

Terrell Polk

Our class is made of seniors who are young at heart. We strive to encourage the study of God's word and application of that word to our life. We want to be, "Lovers of the Word" as God leads in our class. Our class does several projects each year. 

Adult 3 (College)

Jacob Morgan

Children 1 (Grades 1-3)

Very knowledgeable, willing to learn and take part in the lessons, and has very good attendance.

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Children 2 (Grades 4-6)

Amy Thornhill

Preschool 2 (4-5 Yr. Olds)

Brenda Fortenberry (Associate: Constance Bass)

We are learning about God and Jesus through felt stories, play dough, and coloring activities. We give God praise and concerns through prayer. We also have a period of time for snacks. 

Preschool 1 (2-3 Yr. Olds)

Kim Morgan

We are praising God through song and prayer. We are learning to grow up for God through each lesson while coloring, doing arts and crafts, and playing. We also have snack time too. 

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